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In response to a recent question I received on a different blog post, I thought it might be helpful for current and incoming students alike to have a master-post on volunteering in Norway. Volunteering is a pretty big part of Norwegian life, so here’s a post with the whys, the wheres, and the hows about the importance…

What’s Fun 2017


Hei hei again new international students! This week I wanted to update a post offering ideas of what to do and where to go for fun in Bergen, including highlighting an upcoming volunteer opportunity!   Get Active Norwegians tend to be an active and outdoorsy people. You can encounter them frolicking through the mountains like obnoxiously…

Involve yourself! Student Organizations 2017

Åpningen av studieåret ved Uib

  Participating in a student organization is a great way to build community in Bergen and make friends with Norwegian students (from both UiB and other local schools). As Julien S. Bourrelle, author of The Social Guidebook to Norway, argues, joining an activity or group is paramount when trying to befriend Norwegians. In his estimation, Norwegians are like wild cats,…

Movie lover? Volunteer for BIFF 2016!


Here’s another great opportunity to get involved in a Bergen tradition, volunteer, meet people, and see films! It’s Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF)! Running this year 20th-28th of September, BIFF, established in 2000, has Norway’s largest selection of films. As it is an international festival, it includes films in a number of different languages. If you, like me, love…

Now’s the time to volunteer for BØ 2016


Volunteering for BØ (Bergen Ølfestival) is becoming a bit of an annual tradition for me, I volunteered last year and I plan to do so again this year.  What’s an Ølfestival, you ask? A festival of oil? No no, pronounced more like /œl/ (did that help? no? how about this?), Øl means beer.  I am, admittedly, a big fan…

Get involved: Kvarteret


As Julien Bourrelle, a French-Canadian PhD candidate in Norway, Founder of Mondå, and author of The Social Guidebook to Norway emphasized in his presentation at the recent International Afternoon (read more about his presentation here: After the International Afternoon): If you want to integrate more fully in Norway and even make some real Norwegian friends the key is to get involved…