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Norwegianisms Part II: Full Pupp!


My recent post, “The year the mountains were so steep” and other Norwegianisms, inspired one of my colleagues at UiB, Kjartan, to volunteer a number of other Norwegian idioms! I checked in with my dear Norwegian buddy in order to get a broader context for what these mean and when one might use them and…

Missing out on Eastermountain? That’s an Eastercrime!


If you haven’t already, it’s time to learn a little about the importance of the Easter Holiday (Påskeferie) for Norwegians. Easter is vital to Norwegians, not so much for any religious reasons, but as a celebration of spring in truly Nordic style. Of course, Easter’s pagan roots were also just that, a celebration of the…

SiB, yeah you know me – or do you?


As a student at UiB, whether international or native, you are almost certainly familiar with the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen, more commonly known as SiB (Studentsamskipnaden i Bergen). If for no other reason, you know them because of student housing. Perhaps you, like me, spent hours perusing different student hostel options online, meticulously google-mapping the…

Touring Bergen


It’s semester start and there are all kinds of events to help students get to know the city and makefriends. Whether it be city tours, concerts, speed friending, or taking a hike or a ski-trip, it feels like there are more available activities than time. Today I joined in as Christophe Balin and one other guide took students on part…