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Behind the boat


For today’s post, I interviewed Osei Kontor Dennis, the brain behind the party boat.  Osei Kontor Dennis, a former UiB student who may be studying here again in the Autumn, organized the recent student boat trip from Bergen to Stavanger (you can read more about it in my last blog post, “I’m on a boat”). Dennis is from Ghana,…

I’m on a boat.


Last weekend, 21 March – 23 March, over 400 students attended an epic boat journey from Bergen to Hirtshals, Denmark; then to Langesund, Norway; back to Hirtshals; then disembarked at Stavanger, Norway; and finally everyone took a bus ride (with multiple ferries!) back to Bergen. The goal of the trip was to party, make friends, and enjoy some cheap libations all for 220nok.…