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Are you my fadder?


So, what do you have to expect in August when you head into Bergen to start school at UiB? Well, after you get yourself into town from the airport, and attend the Introductory Programme one of the first major opportunities you have to meet other students in your faculty in a social setting is by attending Fadderuken (The Mentor…

Touring: The psychology faculty


Periodically throughout the coming weeks, I intend to tour some of the faculties throughout the campus. The plan is that I’ll be guided by students who have first-hand experience with the faculty buildings, amenities, and the faculties themselves (and maybe during the tours I can even pick their brains about the programmes they are attending). I’m excited!…

Student Resources: The Ombudsperson


Meet Sylvi Leirvåg, University of Bergen’s first studentombud (student ombudsperson). In case you didn’t already know, an ombudsperson is an advocate who represents the interests of a specific group, in this case students, by investigating and addressing complaints of maladministration or rights violations. I got a chance to sit down and talk with Sylvi in order to “introduce you” to her,…