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Involve yourself! Student Organizations 2017

Åpningen av studieåret ved Uib

  Participating in a student organization is a great way to build community in Bergen and make friends with Norwegian students (from both UiB and other local schools). As Julien S. Bourrelle, author of The Social Guidebook to Norway, argues, joining an activity or group is paramount when trying to befriend Norwegians. In his estimation, Norwegians are like wild cats,…

Find your niche: Skeive Studenter


Today, we’ll continue to explore some of the many groups which students join in Bergen and meet a member of Skeive Studenter, the LBGT+ student organization. I had the pleasure of meeting Mette, she has been a quizmaster for Skeive Studenter’s regular quiz nights. I got to meet her in person when she ran her last quiz for…