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Student Organizations Open House


Hello new International Students! Welcome! I’m feeling like a jerk because I’d long ago promised a post on sports to an incoming student who left a comment requesting it. Although I’ve continually been trying to “post the sports”, other time-sensitive topics kept coming up. I was determined for sports-post to be this post, but the upcoming “Student Organizations on…

Study Break: Lofoten


I know I promised to write about getting Internet in Norway and I will absolutely address that in at least one of next week’s posts, I swear. But, this week, my own Internet has been sparse because I have been enjoying scenic Lofoten’s “elevated temperature anomalies”. (Actually, it has been quite cool, a little chilly…

SiB, yeah you know me – or do you?


As a student at UiB, whether international or native, you are almost certainly familiar with the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen, more commonly known as SiB (Studentsamskipnaden i Bergen). If for no other reason, you know them because of student housing. Perhaps you, like me, spent hours perusing different student hostel options online, meticulously google-mapping the…