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Study Break: So what’s the deal with Vinmonopolet?


So, new students, are you already acclimated to the Norwegian culture around alcohol? Of course, there are many aspects of this, from the vorspiel (preparty) to the nachspiel (afterparty) and a tendency towards big nights on weekends only (instead of moderation more often) – but today’s focus is on buying alcohol at Vinmonopolet and other stores. If…

Gear up: Hiking 2017


When in Norway, it’s important to do as the Norwegians – and hike! I thought that it might be helpful to provide a resource for hiking gear and safety information. Many of you may already be experienced hikers but, for those who are new to hiking in Norway and don’t know where (or rather, “wear” –…

Gettin’ familiar… with Bergen


Hei all! I thought it would be nice for the new arrivals if I went over a few points related to the basic layout of Bergen. Maybe you’ve already mastered it in the short time since you’ve arrived, or maybe you’re a seasoned student who wants to add some valuable tips – if so, just…