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Touring: Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty


Recently, a member of the Biology Student Union (BFU), Stein, was kind enough to provide me a tour of the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty. He was very patient with me when I had to spend extra time looking at squirrel skeletons – thanks, Stein! Spanning several buildings, some of which are new, some of…

Touring: Marine Microbiology Group Lab


My friend António, a research fellow who is part of the marine microbiology group at UiB, was kind enough to provide me with a tour of the lab where he does his research. The marine microbiology group is part of UiB’s biology (BIO) department, one of the largest of UiB’s departments. BIO research spans a range of disciplines including developmental biology, evolutionary biology, and…

Dr. David Nutt visits Bergen


Last week Professor David Nutt, psychiatrist and director of the Unit of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London, spoke at Det Akademiske Kvarter (the student culture house) in a Studentersamfunnet (the Bergen Student Society) organized event. This was a talk many students might have found interesting, whether they are studying to be health professionals, researchers, or just because they’re wondering how alcohol and other…