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Building your Study Abroad Experience: Guide to settling into Bergen


Hei! A huge welcome to all the new international students this Fall! I hope you are getting settled, exploring Bergen, and not letting a little rain stop you from having fun so far. If you saw me at the Welcome Programme, you know I think the keys to building a great study abroad experience in…

Welcome Programme August 2017


Hei hei everybody! (This is the doubled up extra-friendly version of “hei”, which of course means “hi” in Norsk) The August 2017 Welcome Programme starts on Thursday 10 August! It is a hugely beneficial part of your start at UiB, and probably one of the first things you’ll do here apart from getting yourself to Bergen and to…



In response to a recent question I received on a different blog post, I thought it might be helpful for current and incoming students alike to have a master-post on volunteering in Norway. Volunteering is a pretty big part of Norwegian life, so here’s a post with the whys, the wheres, and the hows about the importance…

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, in Norway


Happy Holidays everyone! In honor of Christmas time I thought I’d share with you all some things I’ve learned from the first Christmas I’ve actually gotten to spend in Norway. God Jul (Merry Christmas). Photo: Stand Hiestand After my first taste of pinnekjøtt and getting a bit confused about what constitutes the first, second, and third day…

I’m coming to Bergen! Now what? 2017


Hei! A huge welcome to all the new international students arriving in Bergen for UiB courses!  Maybe you’ve seen the weather and wondered if anyone leaves their home.  Maybe you’re ready to get out and make some new Norwegian or international friends.  Maybe you’re wondering what to do, where to go, how to meet these…

Brann, “we are so good that it is almost not possible”


Today’s blog focuses on the 16 of May football (that’s soccer for the two Americans or Aussies in the audience, but the Aussies already knew of course). This year, I got to go to my very first Brann (Bergen’s team) football game accompanied by Marianne, the Norwegian blogger – and it happened to be the…