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Student Organizations Open House


Hello new International Students! Welcome! I’m feeling like a jerk because I’d long ago promised a post on sports to an incoming student who left a comment requesting it. Although I’ve continually been trying to “post the sports”, other time-sensitive topics kept coming up. I was determined for sports-post to be this post, but the upcoming “Student Organizations on…

Don Giovanni, you invited me to dinner and I have come!


I was lucky enough to get a ticket to see Don Giovanni last night at the Bergen National Opera (BNO), performed at Greighallen. Mozart’s Don Giovanni is based on the fictional, and womanizing, Don Juan. A commonly staged Opera, Don Giovanni is filled with sex and death. Bergen National Opera partners with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra to…

Student Symphony Night


In my ongoing quest to experience some of the activities available to the new (and current) students at UiB, I attended a free concert last Friday – stay tuned for my next post to see if I made any new friends at Tuesday the 27th of January’s ESN “Speed-friending”event! I don’t think I made any…