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Epic ‘What-to-Pack for University of Bergen’ Post 2017


Hello new students, congratulations on your acceptance to UiB and looking forward to seeing you in Bergen in August! The following is a blog dedicated to packing your bags for Bergen. It would be great if all you needed to do was pack up and show up, but because there are many additional details to take care of…

Bergen living costs 2017/2018


Today’s post is an update of a past post on cost of living. It strives to give you an idea of what you might expect to spend on daily expenses in Bergen/Norway. Keep in mind, these are just rough ideas of different common costs, you may have to think through other expenses – such as if you’re bringing…



Well, sadly for me, but luckily (perhaps) for you guys, I have some first-hand foreigner-in-an-emergency experience to relate to you.  Perhaps it will be of assistance to you if you find yourself in need of medical attention. First of all, if you go rollerblading, even if you are just ‘trying out’ the skates. Wear protective…

Tips and tricks for the Bergen job hunt


I know that being a student means being on a budget. I feel my budgetary constraints all the time. And being a student in Norway sometimes means being flat out broke. Many students (myself included!) want to supplement their income with some paid work. While much work in Norway may require a high level of fluency…