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Touring: Medical Faculty


The departments of medicine and dentistry are housed near each other a short bus ride (buses #2 or #3 run frequently) from the sentrum (center of town). As a part of my student-guided¬†tours of different faculties, I recently got the chance to walk the halls of the Building for Biological Research (BBB) and a little…



Well, sadly for me, but luckily (perhaps) for you guys, I have some first-hand foreigner-in-an-emergency experience to relate to you. ¬†Perhaps it will be of assistance to you if you find yourself in need of medical attention. First of all, if you go rollerblading, even if you are just ‘trying out’ the skates. Wear protective…

Culture: Bergen’s famous Leprosy Museum


When you’re living in a new place, or even a place you’ve been in for quite some time, it’s always worthwhile to explore something you haven’t gotten around to yet. Late this summer I finally got to the Leprosy Museum, something I’ve been wanting to go to for as long as I’ve been in Bergen!…