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Norwegianisms 3, this time it’s personal


As it is one of my favorite things to mull over some new (to me) Norwegian idioms, slang, or terms. I thought as the Semester wraps up it would be a great moment to savor a few… so here’s my current top 3 new favorite Norwegian-isms (of the moment):   1. Smørøyet According to google translate…

Norwegianisms Part II: Full Pupp!


My recent post, “The year the mountains were so steep” and other Norwegianisms, inspired one of my colleagues at UiB, Kjartan, to volunteer a number of other Norwegian idioms! I checked in with my dear Norwegian buddy in order to get a broader context for what these mean and when one might use them and…

Talk the Talk at the Tandem Language Kickoff

dialogue comic strip with silhouettes

Last week I attended the kickoff meeting for UiB’s tandem language programme, offered for both international and Norwegian students. Tandem language learning is available for anyone who wants to improve language skills. It’s another opportunity through the university for learning and for making a connection. The Tandem language learning is a way to practice spoken language…