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Introductory Programme August 2016


Hei hei everybody! (This is the doubled up extra-friendly version of “hei”, which of course means “hi” in Norsk) The August 2016 Introductory Programme stars on Thursday 11 August! It is a hugely beneficial part of your start at UiB, and probably one of the first things you’ll do here apart from getting yourself to Bergen and to…

Meeting the Locals at the UiB Introductory Programme


Yesterday I had the good fortune to re-attend one of my favorite Introductory Programme presentations, “Meeting the Locals”.  I would have also liked to have attended “Understanding Norway: a Historical Perspective”, but I had class. If anybody went and cares to comment on it (below), I would love to know what you learned! There was…

A Sensational Start to Spring Semester

Eivind Senneset, Photographer

Welcome (back) to UiB! Perhaps you are also anticipating the next semester and wondering what to expect or how to get a jump start. Below are a few tips that I hope will be helpful in getting us all into the swing of things for spring (semester)! If you’re a new student, definitely attend the UiB’s Introductory Programme…

Introducing the Introductory Programme

Internasjonalt studentmottak, UiB

Are you a new student thinking about attending the Introductory Programme for Spring 2015 in January?  Or, have you’ve been here awhile and remembering your experiences of the Introductory Programme seems like a distant memory?  Perhaps you were at the most recent programme this August and you just want to spot yourself in one of the photos from this…