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Touring: The psychology faculty


Periodically throughout the coming weeks, I intend to tour some of the faculties throughout the campus. The plan is that I’ll be guided by students who have first-hand experience with the faculty buildings, amenities, and the faculties themselves (and maybe during the tours I can even pick their brains about the programmes they are attending). I’m excited!…

Find your niche: Fermentation


Sometimes it can be a challenge to find your niche in a new place. It can help to know where to find other like-minded people. Of course, one potentially obvious way you can find people who you might have things in common with is to join activities or organizations that interest you.  There’s a world of…

UiB’s First International Blog


Here we are, the very first international blog post for the University of Bergen (UiB).  I feel honored, excited, and of course a little nervous to be the first international blogger for the UiB. Anybody else nervous?  No?  Just me?  Well, maybe you can help me out.  I would love to know what you, as…