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Contest: Share your best UiB student experiences!


In order to kick-off the upcoming #uibstudent photo-competition (see the bottom of the post for all the details) today’s post is going to focus on what I’m most grateful for about studying at UiB. The competition is open for all UiB students, whether Norwegian or International, so get your cameras or your phones ready and, remember to…

Find your niche: SAIH


As I highlighted in a recent post, finding your community or niche while studying abroad in Bergen can be facilitated by joining a student organization or attending their events. In my first post looking at student organizations, I focused on the Erasmus Student Network, a non-profit international student organization that stretches across Europe.  Today’s post will…

Find your niche: Erasmus Student Network


One way to find your niche while you are studying abroad in Bergen is to get involved in a student organization or attend event sponsored by a student org. (Also, if you want to make Norwegian friends and you haven’t yet, Julien S. Bourrelle, author of The Social Guidebook to Norway, would argue that joining some type of activity…

Find your niche: Fermentation


Sometimes it can be a challenge to find your niche in a new place. It can help to know where to find other like-minded people. Of course, one potentially obvious way you can find people who you might have things in common with is to join activities or organizations that interest you.  There’s a world of…

Hvor er biblioteket?


It has been my great (private) shame that I have lived in Bergen for a year and a half and had never explored Bergen’s public library (until this week). There. Now I’ve admitted it, and my shame is public. Hopefully this admission will benefit you, the newer international students, however, by preventing you from carrying the same lack-of-library abashment…