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Building your Study Abroad Experience: Guide to settling into Bergen


Hei! A huge welcome to all the new international students this Fall! I hope you are getting settled, exploring Bergen, and not letting a little rain stop you from having fun so far. If you saw me at the Welcome Programme, you know I think the keys to building a great study abroad experience in…

Now’s the time to volunteer for BØ 2016


Volunteering for BØ (Bergen Ølfestival) is becoming a bit of an annual tradition for me, I volunteered last year and I plan to do so again this year.  What’s an Ølfestival, you ask? A festival of oil? No no, pronounced more like /œl/ (did that help? no? how about this?), Øl means beer.  I am, admittedly, a big fan…

I’m coming to Bergen! Now what? 2017


Hei! A huge welcome to all the new international students arriving in Bergen for UiB courses!  Maybe you’ve seen the weather and wondered if anyone leaves their home.  Maybe you’re ready to get out and make some new Norwegian or international friends.  Maybe you’re wondering what to do, where to go, how to meet these…

Study Break: So what’s the deal with Vinmonopolet?


So, new students, are you already acclimated to the Norwegian culture around alcohol? Of course, there are many aspects of this, from the vorspiel (preparty) to the nachspiel (afterparty) and a tendency towards big nights on weekends only (instead of moderation more often) – but today’s focus is on buying alcohol at Vinmonopolet and other stores. If…

Get Involved: Bergen Ølfestival 2015


This year, I’m excited to be volunteering for BØ (Bergen Ølfestival). BØ is Norway’s largest beer fest. Volunteering is a great opportunity for international – or any students – and volunteering for Ølfestival has its own set of benefits. So today I want to share my top 3 reasons to join me and volunteer for BØ! And if you don’t already…