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Month: May 2016

Touring: Law Faculty


Today’s post features highlights from a tour the Norwegian blogger, Marianne, and I had recently of the law faculty. Emilie Melbø Kristoffersen, a member of the board of the Juridisk studentutvalg or JSU (the law student committee), acted as our patient tour-guide.   Emilie and the Law Faculty Emilie is her 3rd year at UiB’s law…

Touring: The Humanities Faculty


In the interest of exploring many of the faculties that make up the University of Bergen, Marianne, the Norwegian Blogger, took me on a short tour of the Humanities Faculty.  If you are curious about what you can study at the Humanities Faculty, you can take a peek at their site here. Marianne is studying a Bachelors in Arabic,…

Brann, “we are so good that it is almost not possible”


Today’s blog focuses on the 16 of May football (that’s soccer for the two Americans or Aussies in the audience, but the Aussies already knew of course). This year, I got to go to my very first Brann (Bergen’s team) football game accompanied by Marianne, the Norwegian blogger – and it happened to be the…

Touring: Marine Microbiology Group Lab


My friend António, a research fellow who is part of the marine microbiology group at UiB, was kind enough to provide me with a tour of the lab where he does his research. The marine microbiology group is part of UiB’s biology (BIO) department, one of the largest of UiB’s departments. BIO research spans a range of disciplines including developmental biology, evolutionary biology, and…

Find your niche: Skeive Studenter


Today, we’ll continue to explore some of the many groups which students join in Bergen and meet a member of Skeive Studenter, the LBGT+ student organization. I had the pleasure of meeting Mette, she has been a quizmaster for Skeive Studenter’s regular quiz nights. I got to meet her in person when she ran her last quiz for…