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Month: December 2015

Norwegianisms 3, this time it’s personal


As it is one of my favorite things to mull over some new (to me) Norwegian idioms, slang, or terms. I thought as the Semester wraps up it would be a great moment to savor a few… so here’s my current top 3 new favorite Norwegian-isms (of the moment):   1. Smørøyet According to google translate…

Getting here, January 2016


Last semester an incoming student commented to ask about getting into the Sentrum (city center) from the airport upon arrival. I’m assuming there may be new students heading to Bergen soon who have the same burning question, so here’s a new and improved update on arriving in Bergen!   Don’t wander the streets of Bergen, lost… read…

It’s that time of year: Introductory Programme (January 2016)

Internasjonalt studentmottak

Hei hei everybody (if you haven’t arrived yet, “hei” is “hi” in Norsk, and Norwegians often double it up when being extra friendly)! The January 2015 Introductory Programme is coming up quickly (starting on Thursday 07 January)! So, for today’s post, I decided to update a past post of my 3 reasons for attending the Introductory Programme. In the…