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Month: October 2015

“The year the mountains were so steep” and other Norwegianisms


One of my favorite things is to speak to people who speak English as a second-language, there are many reasons for this, but ultimately I am just so completely enamored with the slight differences in phrasing non-native English speaker will use, whether they are translating a colloquialism, idiom, or common term directly from their language…

Study Break: break for art


Ready to take a break from studying and engage in some of the cultural activities happening in Bergen? You may want to explore some of the performances happening as part of METEOR, an international theatre festival going on now (15 to 24 October 2015)!   Image:     Who makes METEOR happen? BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen…

Events to get you thinking


I haven’t talked much about lectures and events on and off campus this year, but I’ve found them to be a great way to learn about diverse topics, meet people, and generally feel engaged academically here at UiB and in the community at large. I attended quite a few last year, and many were remarkably intriguing.  …

Study break: Oh, Oslo!


If you’re an international student in Bergen, chances are you’d like to take some time while you’re in Norway to do some additional exploring. Perhaps you’d even like to take a peek at Norway’s largest city, Oslo. If you’re looking for a bigger city feel, and you’d like to make the journey, Oslo is well…

Tips and tricks for the Bergen job hunt


I know that being a student means being on a budget. I feel my budgetary constraints all the time. And being a student in Norway sometimes means being flat out broke. Many students (myself included!) want to supplement their income with some paid work. While much work in Norway may require a high level of fluency…