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Month: July 2015

Mighty Net 2: The return of a post about the Internet


Today I’m offering a continuation of my previous post, “The Mighty Net“, which offered tips on connecting to the Internet via UiB and some options while you’re waiting to get your UiB account activated. Today’s post will look at non-UiB Internet, for those rare individuals who are living “off-campus” (or rather, not in student housing).…

Study Break: Lofoten


I know I promised to write about getting Internet in Norway and I will absolutely address that in at least one of next week’s posts, I swear. But, this week, my own Internet has been sparse because I have been enjoying scenic Lofoten’s “elevated temperature anomalies”. (Actually, it has been quite cool, a little chilly…

Norge Cell & Sim


I’ve had a couple of recent inquiries in the comments regarding cell phones, SIM-cards, and Internet in Norway. Today I’ll address all things cell phone – so get ready to make some calls. And, stay tuned for information about the Internet, coming soon in a future blog!   Image: Where do you buy a…

Study Break: Regional Travels Part 2, Flåm… or should I say Aurland?


And now… it’s part two of my weekend adventure to Evanger/Voss and Flåm/Aurland, if you missed part one, you can check it out here, “Study Break: Regional Travels Part 1, Voss”, or skip right to the wonders of Aurland. I say the wonders of Aurland because I felt like it was the clear winner of my and…

Study Break: Regional Travels Part 1, Voss


Recently, I wrote a post in response to a future student’s comment asking about the Bergen Railway. Last weekend, I took a short excursion myself, partly on the Bergen Railway. I headed out to Evanger/Voss and Flåm/Aurland with a partner in adventure. You too can take a break from your studies to explore a little more of…

Admissions, Programmes, Financing

Internasjonalt studentmottak, UiB

Some questions I’ve received again and again from commentors relate to the admissions process. While I’m a student and I can’t guide anyone through admissions or make recommendations about programmes or scholarships and financing, I thought I’d put together a post that highlights some places a potential future student may look for this type of…