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Month: February 2015

We’re all quirky to each other


Variety is the spice of life. We can all see many differences between cultures of countries, and within countries, regions, and we all acknowledge there are many differences individuals. There are things we find amusing about ourselves, our individual foibles, and the cultures we were born into. And, of course, there are things we notice about other…

Talk the Talk at the Tandem Language Kickoff

dialogue comic strip with silhouettes

Last week I attended the kickoff meeting for UiB’s tandem language programme, offered for both international and Norwegian students. Tandem language learning is available for anyone who wants to improve language skills. It’s another opportunity through the university for learning and for making a connection. The Tandem language learning is a way to practice spoken language…

SiB, yeah you know me – or do you?


As a student at UiB, whether international or native, you are almost certainly familiar with the Student Welfare Organisation in Bergen, more commonly known as SiB (Studentsamskipnaden i Bergen). If for no other reason, you know them because of student housing. Perhaps you, like me, spent hours perusing different student hostel options online, meticulously google-mapping the…

A BIT of performing arts


Looking for more ways to bring the performing arts into your student-life in Bergen? BIT Teatergarasjen offers Norwegian and international performing arts, emphasizing international collaboration and genre transcendence.     BIT February 6-7 This weekend I was fortunate to get BIT tickets to see french choreographer Etienne Guilloteau and mesmerizing dancer Claire Croizé perform Synopsis of a Battle, a contemporary…

Blogician, heal thyself


In my short time as the international blogger for UiB, I’ve offered a lot of advice. Now, it’s awfully easy to dole out advice, and it’s harder to take advice and take action. So, I thought I’d check myself: how well have I followed my own advice for international students recently? Here are four actions I…