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Month: December 2014

Christmas vs. Christmas


It’s probably easy to believe your holiday traditions are the most normal, most logical, and most festive.  And why shouldn’t you?  You’ve marinated in these traditions, they have shaped your experience and possibly infused your life with meaning. It is perhaps especially easy for me to feel my holiday traditions, as an American, are ‘default normal’,…

Meet a Norwegian – blogger!


While the international blog is a new addition here at UiB, students have been sharing their experiences of the University of Bergen and student life for some time via the original student blog.  Carl Henrik Berge is the current UiB blogger.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview him and get the chance to meet…

Introducing the Introductory Programme

Internasjonalt studentmottak, UiB

Are you a new student thinking about attending the Introductory Programme for Spring 2015 in January?  Or, have you’ve been here awhile and remembering your experiences of the Introductory Programme seems like a distant memory?  Perhaps you were at the most recent programme this August and you just want to spot yourself in one of the photos from this…