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Month: November 2014

Won’t you take me to… Gingerbread Town?


In the following post, I’ll take you through a step-by-step process that led me to Pepperkakebyen (Gingerbread Town).  It began with discovering Pepperkakebyen is an annual event here in Bergen and culminated in my visit to the town on opening day.  If you could time-travel back to mid-November, these ‘instructions’ would allow you to replicate my experience in…

UiB’s First International Blog


Here we are, the very first international blog post for the University of Bergen (UiB).  I feel honored, excited, and of course a little nervous to be the first international blogger for the UiB. Anybody else nervous?  No?  Just me?  Well, maybe you can help me out.  I would love to know what you, as…